Double your AirBnB Profits!

by Happy Investor Investor Insights

There ARE Up to 8 SUPER-TIPS that can help you DOUBLE your STR AirBnB Investment Income

There are several key hidden super-secrets to Doubling your current STR (short term rental aka AirBnB property). This goes triple for regular rentals you are considering converting to short term rentals!

With vacation rental property investments, doing things just 'most' of the way can actually result in about HALF the profits. That means, if you purchase a property, furnish it, and create your online listings to accept bookings, this will only get you halfway there.

That's where most people stop. However, these extra steps below are much easier than the initial setup. And, since these extra steps can double+ your profits, it is a no-brainer to do them!

Completing these final Optimization possibilities will more often than not, skyrocket your revenue & cash flow.

Like anything in life, you must get Educated.

This is where many owners go awry.

They furnish the house, create nice listings on Airbnb & Home Away, and they think they're set!

Do you already have an operational Short Term AirBnB Rental?

Or, you are looking at buying a new property and making it a short term rental?

Or, are you looking at converting one of your regular rentals into a Short-Term rental?

No matter which of these situations you are in, there is room for you to boost your profits.

STR (Short Term Rental) Aka AirBnB Rentals OPTIMIZATION tips for MAXIMIZING Your Profits...

PHASE #1 - The Initial Setup

This is 85% of the Work in Setting up a Short Term Rental.

This Includes:

  1. Finding the right property
  2. Getting funding/financing for the property
  3. Furnishing the property
  4. Creating the online listings & uploading photos, etc.
This is where 90% of owners Stop! They are making good money on the property and consider it complete.

PHASE #2 - Adding the Secret Touches

This is just 15% of the Work in Maximizing profits but results in up to 50% more Profits.

Doing a final few things can double your profits & revenues.

Here are some!

  1. Smart Pricing Software will automatically set the ideal price for each available night on your calendar.
    • These prices update daily based on demand in your area.
    • There are MANY software tools like this. ONE is the Best by far.
  2. Beds for Heads! - More Beds, more beds, more beds!
    • Size of beds, bed types (bunks, pull-outs, side-by side beds etc)
    • You need to know where to put the beds & how many.
  3. Pet Policy - Your policy on Pets and How you handle it is paramount!
  4. Backyard Sizzle - There is an ideal backyard setup that is magic.
    • Know what items & how to set up the backyard!


  • Finding the perfect property There are several ideal online tools to help.
  • Getting funding/financing for the property (Lesser-known Ideal Lenders).
  • Furnishing the property (Furnish it right, quickly, and on a budget).
  • Creating the online listings & uploading photos, etc. (Tips & Tricks)
  • Smart Pricing Software - This software automatically sets the ideal prices! (Wow!). But, there are several services, and one is the best.
  • Bedding! - More Beds, more beds, more beds!
  • Pet Policy - Your policy on Pets and How you handle it is paramount!
  • Backyard Area - There is an ideal backyard setup that is magic.


Want to change your annual revenue from $30k to $60k per house? Or, from $10k to $20k. Or, even improve the $200k/year you are earning towards $300k-$400k/year?

Or, looking to buy your first short term rental and need guidance on which property to buy, who to use for financing, and other details?

Get a private & personalized coaching on the items above.

Trent, owner of owns and operates 4 Short Term rentals with two more in the pipeline.

He has successfully completed the 8 Key BIG STRATEGY Tasks on his rentals.

The result is his annual revenue on the properties is now DOUBLE what it was in 2015-2021 thanks to the many changes he made.


  • Get a full 1 HOUR Zoom or Phone Call with Trent Smith to skyrocket your revenue or learn how to complete your first or even 100th short term rental.
  • Trent will QUICKLY dive into your existing or ideal short term rental property and tell you what you need to do to boost revenues drastically.
  • A consultation not full of small-talk and fluff. It's time to get right to the point and fix & improve your listings & situation.
  • Adding just $5k-$10k per year in revenue to your property results in $50k-$100k extra profit over a 10 year period.
  • If the phone call didn't meet your expectations, a full refund is available.
  • Time: 1 HOUR
  • Cost: $400
  • Guarantee: $400 is refundable if not satisfied for any reason.

Adding just $5k-$10k per year in revenue to a property results in $50k-$100k extra profits over a 10 year period.

Trent himself has spent over $2,000 in consultations & education on optimizing Short Term Rentals.

There are tricks you need to start implementing today!

E-mail [email protected] for interest and availability of consulting time slots!