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"MLS Motivated Lead" - How to Handle

People assume a property listed on the MLS is "Being seen by everyone!" It's out there & it's not a secret. The good thing is, everyone is often thinking this. Most listings over 60 days old NEVER receive attention again, NO MATTER HOW MAN TIMES THEY LOWER THE PRICE!

In the past, making offers ont hese types of properties has been HUGE Headache!!! Faxing, calling, writing earnes checks, and more! So, even when one becomes a good deal, it's too mcuh work to mess with! SO, it just sits there!

That's what Happy Investor Analytics helps you to find out. Happy does this by:

* Cherry-Picking the highest potential MLS Deals - It does this by looking at factors such as A) Days on Market, B) Price Reductions, C) Seller Notations of Motivated or 'Must Sell' and D) And several other key factors.

* Assigning a Deal-Score to MLS Properties - Using this data, Happy assigns a "Deal-Score" to any MLS property on the site, quickly showing you the potential of the property.

* QuickOffer Tool - This is the the Golden final step in landing a bargain MLS Deal. Happy already selects the top 1%-5% of MLS high-potential properties, assigns each a Deal-Score for rankings. Happy Investor then allows you to Send a QuickOffer to the Realtor on any of these MLS properties asking if their seller might be interested in accepting a much lower offer. This E-mail or Text Message (Your Choice!) can be done with the click of a button, and the message is Pre-drafted for you to save you time! You can edit & customize the message if you desire, but this makes it incredibly quick to guage seller interest in accepting your offer!

With the QuickOffer Tool, youu can send an INSTANT E-mail or Text to the selller's REALTOR with a lower than asking price offer. The purpose of this message is asking the realtor for the seller's lowest price.

The realtor will pass you offer along to the seller. They are required by law. But, you'll find that the REALTOR WANTS to pass along your low offer.

Its' the first one they've received in forever!

The realtor wants to make some kind of commission by actually SELLING the property to you at a low price Rather than it simply EXPIRING, and neither the REaltor or SEller make ANYTHING!

You'll find that their Realtor almost seems like he/she's working for YOU!

They want commissions. That's how they live.

They will do THEIR BEST to try and CONVINCE their seller to take your lower OFFER!

Yes, the Real Estate system is messed up. Realtors representing sellers often are often Motivated to work with YOU the buyer!

Afterall, their job is to make SALES! Any sale is better than no sale. If the Realtor doesn't sell it, the seller will likely hire another Realtor later on, and this current Realtor will make nothign!

So, EXPECT the Realtor to try and Get Your Super-Lower Offer Accepted so you can LAND A BARGAIN & Fix it up, Ren tit out, or do what you decide!

The Email & Text Offers are PRE-DRAFTED for you.

So, Use these links and send out e-mails and TExts!

First of all, Happy DealAnallyzer Technology recognized this "MLS" Property as a Potential Deal due to the reasons below.. Usually because of Price Reductions, Being Below-Appraisal, Seller-Comments hinting they are motivated, and more!

Again, Factors used by Happy Analytics to Analyze Properties:

* DOM is old! No one's looking at it anymore!
* Happy's SmartComputers have CRUNCHED the #'s and PRE-DRAFTED an E-MAIL & TEXT for YOU!
* Expect 30% of Realtors to Respond
* The Realtor is on Yuor Side! They want to sell it!
* No need to write out an earnes money check, fill out a contract, and deliver it in person or by fax to the rRealtor
* Happy's Data Team has researched the Realtor's Email address & Cell so you can simply ASK the realtor the lowest they'd take!
* Zillow, Trulia & Other sites HIDE this information because they want you to call THEIR realtor so you can become a lead

Expect about 7 POSTIVE responses per 20 email or text messages you send to MLS property realtors. The seller's realtors on these properties will not be upset at your questions or offers.

They very often actually try to convince their seller to accept an offer that comes in, regardless of whether the offer price you send is much lower than the current asking price.

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