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Happy Investor Overview

Happy Investor makes Real Estate Investing even easier for experienced investors by using Analytics to pinpoint which properties may be the best deals in your area. Make Offers with the click of a button.

Happy Investor Tools & Features:

  • Smart-Computer Algorithms" - Our computers analyze the properties currently for sale on the market 24/7 to "cherry-pick" the BEST properties for potential Investing. The Smart-Computer compares Sales Price to Tax-Appraisal Valuation, Online Valuations from Several Companies, Important Keywords, Drastic Price reductions showing Motivation, and much More!
  • "Deal-Score" - Each property is assigned a "Deal-Score" from 1 up to 10 based on how many positive indicators are associated with each property.
  • "One-Click" Offers - Make Offers with the Click of a Button! This allows you to make up to 20 tentative offers within a single hour! The offers are texts are pre-written for you with the ability for you to edit, making it much easier.
  • "Deal Alert System" - Never miss a good deal! Receive Text and E-mail alerts for deals in your area.
  • "P&L Genius" - Happy Investor generates a Potential-Profit Report for each property, including recommended offer price, estimated repairs, estimated sales price and estimated deal-profit.
  • Money-Back Guarantee" - Site Membership ($18 to $37/month) comes with a Money-Back Guarantee to ENSURE that you have No-Risk and are Happy with your service!

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Happy Investor is a Data & Analytics Provider

Happy Investor provides top-notch data & tools for investors and is not a a real estate "education" company, a lender or any other type of real estate company. Charges to your credit card statement from Happy Investor are solely for access to the analytics, data and tools provided by the site. Happy Investor does not make money when properties on the site sell, nor does Happy Investor own the properties on the site. Rather, Happy Investor provides a vast array of tools and unique data-compilation features to help you find the best properties for your needs. There are many real estate services which may advertise on our site or pay for promotions, including companies that buy advertising directly from us and also Google Adsense Ads. Happy Investor does not own any of these companies, as they are simply advertisers. Use due diligence when working with any of these companies. Be weary of any company who promises you guaranteed or probably earnings in real estate, and be weary of attending any in-person real estate seminar. Please use your education and knowledge learned from outside of happy investor to apply towards the tools, data and listings on Happyinvestor.

Customer Precautions

Before you decide to purchase services from any sponsor or advertiser (both on Happy Investor on on any real estate site in General), watch out for these red flags:

  • Seminars - If any sponsor on Happy Investor (whether direct our through Google Adsense) tries to sell you on attending a seminar, please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can address this issue with a sponsor.
  • Credit Line Increase Request - If any sponsor on Happy Investor (whether direct our through Google Adsense) attempts to have you increase your credit card lines so that you can pay for real estate services, contact us directly at [email protected] so we can address this issue with a sponsor.
  • Earnings Promises - If any company with ads on our site Promises Earnings as a result of purchasing their product, contact us directly at [email protected] so we can address this issue with a sponsor.
  • Refund of Purchase - If any company with ads on our site refuses to provide you with a refund either under the terms of purchase or whether reasonably deserved, contact us directly at [email protected] so we can address this issue with a sponsor.
  • Debt - Happy Investor recommends you do Not make a purchase that you cannot afford on a real estate service or product. If you feel you have been taken advantage of for any reason by an advertiser, contact us directly at [email protected] so we can address this issue with a sponsor.
  • Guaranteed Funding - If you purchase a product from an advertiser with the expectation that you would be 'Guaranteed' Funding, please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can address this issue with a sponsor.
  • Protection - Remember, you are protected by your credit card company so that you can dispute any unauthorized or unwarranted charges from an advertiser or sponsor. Regardless, we encourage you to do your own research and exercise caution as well when buying services or products.

Happy Investor Reviews!

Our goal is to Make Investors Happy! It's that simple.

More About Happy Investor

HappyInvestor.com was founded by real estate investors Trent Smith and his colleagues with the purpose of providing a nationwide research tool which targets the top 1% of investment deals in the country, making it much easier for experienced real estate investors to find and locate deals.

The most useful method of finding investment properties for Trent and his team has always been to find properties for sale that are listed BELOW the current tax_appraised value and also properties for which the seller has drastically reduced the asking price.

Using advanced algorithms, HappyInvestor.com also compares over 10 other data-points on each property to find foreclosures, motivated sellers, below appraisal deals, and properties with other major profit indicators.

What Types of Properties are on the Website?

HappyInvestor.com provides several types of listings.

  • Below Tax Appraisal Properties - By comparing homes currently for sale to the County Appraised Value, we sift out which properties are at below appraised value.
  • Desperate Seller Properties - These are the homes where the seller has drastically reduced the current sales price from the original sales price.
  • Motivated Seller Leads - These are leads that come in to us in which the seller has filled out a form saying they need to sell fast. Common reasons are A) Divorce, B) Bankruptcy, C) Property Needs Repairs, or D) Other
  • Wholesale properties - These are homes listed for sale by other real estate investors. "Wholesalers" typically find bargain properties, get these under contract and then quickly sell them to someone who is willing to do the repairs and eventually sell the house for a profit.

What are the membership options for HappyInvestor.com

  • Free Basic Account - View a limited number of homes each day, view some of the pictures, and view agent phone number. You are not able to see property address and additional photos.
  • $18/month Full Access - You have full access to the best deals, full property information and unlimited viewing.

100% Money-back refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your paid membership, email us requesting a refund and it will be granted, no questions asked.

What Quality of Customer Service do you Offer?

We answer phone calls 24/7 and return customer service emails within 24 hours.

What makes HappyInvestor.com Unique?

To our knowledge, we are the only site which scans currently for sale properties and identifies the top 1% of homes that qualify as potentially solid investment deals.

What's the difference between the free and paid membership

With the free membership, you will be able to view 3 properties per day. With the paid membership, you will be able to view unlimited properties, and also the BEST deals on the site according to our metrics. Remember, there is no risk in the paid membership since there is a guaranteed refund policy.