What is is a Nationwide resource for Real Estate Investors seeking to "flip" (buy, fix, and resell) properties for a profit and for investors looking to purchase rental properties. sifts through the millions of nationwide properties for sale to find you the ones that show the most potential for profit.

What Types of Properties are on the Website? provides several types of listings.

What are the membership options for

100% Money-back refund Policy

What Quality of Customer Service do you Offer?

We answer phone calls 24/7 and return customer service emails within 24 hours.

What Unique

To our knowledge, we are the only site which scans currently for sale properties and identifies the top 1% of homes that qualify as potentially solid investment deals.

What's the difference between the free and paid membership

With the free membership, you will be able to view 3 properties per day. With the paid membership, you will be able to view unlimited properties, and also the BEST deals on the site according to our metrics. Remember, there is no risk in the paid membership since there is a guaranteed refund policy.

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