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 Smart-Computer Algorithms - Our computers analyze the properties currently for sale on the market 24/7 to "cherry-pick" the BEST properties for potential Investing.

 Easily Compare - Sales Price to Tax-Appraisal Valuation, Online Valuations from Several Companies, Important Keywords, Drastic Price reductions showing Motivation, and much More!

 Deal-Score - Each property is assigned a "Deal-Score" from 1 up to 10 based on how many positive indicators are associated with each property.

 "One-Click" Offers - Make Offers with the Click of a Button! This allows you to make up to 20 tentative offers within a single hour! The offers are texts are pre-written for you with the ability for you to edit, making it much easier.

 Deal Alert System - Never miss a good deal! Receive Text and E-mail alerts for deals in your area.

 P&L Genius - Happy Investor generates a Potential-Profit Report for each property, including recommended offer price, estimated repairs, estimated sales price and estimated deal-profit.

 PLUS, You'll Receive FREE Gifts Valued At $1,497
BONUS #1: 90 Days of VIP Phone Support & Virtual Training Resources
Bonus #2: Quick Offer Tools - Make Rapid Offers On Many Properties Super Fast
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 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee to ENSURE that you have No-Risk and are Happy with your service!

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