Happy's 7 Unique Features!

by Happy Investor Investor Insights

We thought this article would be helpful to explain the 7 things which make Happy Investor so much different from other real estate sites!

So, we put together a quick overview of what Happy Investor does:

There are many features on Happy Investor, but we selected a few of the main features as well as an overview of the site to summarize!

#1) Cherry-Picking Deal-Finder! - Happy Investor uses advanced analytics to "cherry-pick" the top 1% of properties for sale by comparing the asking price to appraisal values, profit potential, seller motivation level, and much more! As an investor, this saves you literally hundreds of hours and makes things much easier. %%County%% County-Area Basic-Access Property List

#2) Auto-Generated Intelligent P&L Projections! - Happy Investor provides you with a detailed projected profit report for each house.

#3) Happy "Deal Score" - Happy Investor provides a "Deal Score" to each property and allows you to add properties to favorites.

#4) Happy Student - Free Educational Tools - Credit Booster, How-To Articles, Free Forms, and More! You already have access to this and all the benefits already listed!

#5) Happy "Quick-Offer" Tool - Happy Investor Premium "Quick-Offer" Tool... For members (Cost is $18+. Get Full-Access Here). This allows you to fire off rapid offers on many properties over just a few minutes so that you can then see which sellers are "interested" in your offer-range. If they show interest in a lower offer, you can pursue the deal further. This extremely useful feature is unique to Happy Investor. The e-mails are actually crafted for you for convenience (and you can edit them if needed).

#6) Instant-Alerts - Text & E-mail Alerts (For members Paying $18+) Full-Access Pass - Don't miss a deal! Receive Text and E-mail alerts on properties in your area based on your personal settings.

#7) Happy Helpline - Personalized Phone-Call Consultation (For members Paying $18+). Get Full-Access Here. Receive a free 30 minute phone-help consultation for the best ways for you to find funding and deals in your %%County%% County-Area.

Hopefully knowing these 7 things helps you understand the site better in general!

You already have a free basic account which allows you to view 5 properties per day.

Upgrading To Full-Access (Starting at $18/month) gives you the A) Quick-Offer Tool, B) Text/Email Alerts, and C) Free Help Phone-Call Consultation.

Enjoy, and Happy Investing!