Find your Real Estate Club!

by Happy Investor Investor Insights

The Top 5 Reasons You Should be Attending Your Local Real Estate Club Meetings!

Stay in the loop, make connections, keep motivated, and learn!

Happy Investor was actually founded based on years of knowledge received by attending Real Estate Club local meetings! This includes real estate flipping techniques, lead-diving tricks, financing tips, and Many other things learned!

The Top Reasons to Attend your Local Club Events!

#1) Grow Your Network! Learn what they are doing, connect, ask questions. Learn what they're doing, make friends, share your successes and struggles! Share phone numbers with other investors so you can call or help other local investors like yourself. Networking is huge! You don't know what you don't know! Don't be shy. Other Investors are there to help you. They were new at one time, too!

#2) Learn from the Speaker & Sponsors! Learn from the presenter and speak with lenders and more! If your Club meets once per month, that's 12 great presenters you've learned from. If they meet weekly, that's 52! Also, learn from the lenders, wholesalers, and other vendors present. Search Happy Investor for a Property!

#3) It Keeps You MOTIVATED! Seeing others profiting is HUGELY Motivating! See others succeed. This keeps you going when it's been a bad week or month of making deals. Learn from them and keep on the game!

#4) Parnter with Others! This is very valuable. By growing your network & connecting with others, you can exponentially expand your real estate investing horizons. Come across a $4 million dollar apartment deal that you have no way to purchase? Remember 'Gary' from the real estate club who buys these. Refer the deal to him and make a percentage of the profit. Buying a $300k foreclosure but can only come up with some of the cash to buy? Remember 'Tom' from the Club and call to see if he will partner!

#5) Keep Up with Current Trends! New Real Estate Investing Tricks and Tactics come out each Year! If a real estate investor from 1980 warped into the present-day, he'd likely have NO CLUE how to invest in today's market. Things change. Real Estate changes. Attending the meetings keeps you in the loop!